When Ramon Abelló father started the business of buying and selling demolition materials almost 30 years ago, he was considered a kind of visionary. Following in his footsteps, son Ramon Abe- lló has kept the crazy idea running over the years, against opportunists, crises in the antiques industry, depression in the building trade … Nevertheless, the company continues to offer recove- red materials, antiques, decorations, collectibles, to a loyal clientele.

Since the beginning, the company’s philosophy remains the same: to offer our clients only au- thentic material. At times our goods may look more humble and less pretentious, but they will always be authentic. For this reason, we never have entered into the business of replicas or im- ports of mass-produced objects in dubious taste.

At Materials de Recuperació Ramon Abelló you get more than a salesroom: 10,000 square meters of exhibition you will find not only items to buy, but also ideas for your next project, solutions to your contruction or decoration needs.

And you get us! In modesty and honesty we’ll offer professionalism, free tech support, good ser- vice, reasonable prices and, as we said before, only authentic goods.